Baby first birthday photo shoot ideas

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Congratulations mama! You did it. It's been 12 months of mothering and growing a small human, earth-side. You not only got here, but you also did it with grace and love. What can be more rewarding than watching your little one reach each milestone?

So you want to mark their first birthday by doing something extra special. After all, these are the moments we'll look back on and realize that the days were long but the years are short.

Here are some quick tips for your little one's first birthday photo shoot.

#1 Start with your ambience before choosing your location.

There are so many options when it comes to location! Anywhere from your front porch to a highly stylized studio can be great locations. It comes down to the ambience that you're looking to create. Certain locations work only for a specific ambience, but many locations can be used to create different ambiences depending on the shooting style. It's more critical that you decide on the ambience that you're going for first, and then factor in other considerations like budget, distance, kid-friendliness etc. when deciding on your location.

Here are 3 ambiences that we recommend:

Bright and airy

Bright and airy mommy and me photo shoot Bright and airy girl tutu swing

Photo credit: @topknotliving

Minimal and cozy

First birthday girl tutu round balloon First birthday girl tutu cake smash 

Photo credit: @monikaparrphotography

Stylized and colourful

Colour and bright birthday baby tutu dress Colour and bright birthday baby tutu dress

Photo credit: @hotbombdotcom

#2 Choose something timeless and comfortable to wear.

How important is it to wear something comfortable? 10/10. It is one of the most important things. The little one will cry, they might run around, and you might bend over backwards trying to catch them or break out a sweat running after them. It is all possible! So wear something comfortable. And for the little one, anything that scratches or feels too tight will easily turn a doable mini photo session into an impossible feat of crying, kicking, and screaming. (And there is no easy way to undo the tantrum once it starts.)

That said, we're going to get a little more specific here. A good tutu is a popular choice for birthday photoshoots. Why? Because tulle works wonders with light and it IS a timeless style that can be dressed in so many ways to match the tone of your photo shoot.

So here are a few suggestions depending on what you're looking for.

Essential // Celine Mini Me - The Celine Mini Me is the versatile mommy and me matching tulle skirt set. The tutu for baby is made with a wide velvety waistband and 3 layers of wispy tulle, which is incredibly soft on your babe and won't irritate! The tulle skirt for mama is made with a generous elastic waistband and 5 layers of structured tulle, which gives a clean look and just the right amount of pouf. Available in several colour options.


Whimsical // Classic Mini Me - The Classic Mini Me is the twinning mommy and me matching tulle skirt set. Both the tutu for baby and mama are made with the same wide velvety waistband and 3 layers of wispy tulle, which is incredibly soft and won't irritate! Both tutus are made the same way, with the same whimsical airy pouf and about knee length. Available in a few colour options.


Luxe // Chelsea Mini Me - The Chelsea Mini Me is the luxe mommy and me matching tulle skirt set. The tutu for babe is made with the same wide velvety waistband and 3 layers of wispy tulle, which is incredibly soft and won't irritate! The tulle skirt for mama is a floor sweeping soft tulle skirt with a thigh high slit. Made with the same generous elastic band, it is both comfortable and dramatic. Available in a few colour options.

First birthday mommy and me luxe matching tulle skirts First birthday mommy and me luxe matching tulle skirts

Matching mommy and me sets are always a good option. Be mindful though, if this is not your cup of tea, these photos will last a lifetime. Always go with something that you'll have timeless affinity for.

#3 Choose happy and let them be little.

A first birthday photo shoot can turn out to be a quite stressful experience. The little one has no idea that you've been dreaming and planning this for months! Of course, it will also be one of the most rewarding because you'll have those moments to hold forever. Remember to keep an open mind.

Babies will be babies. They will do things that don't pan out the way you had it play out in your mind. But you'll learn that when it comes to photos - they do know best. They always bring their cutest look everywhere they go and let you capture their best angles at all times. You can't go wrong. That's just a natural talent that all babies are born with.

So relax. This is about your moment with your little. Any and all captures will be true to that moment, which you'll hold close to your heart for many years to come.

Baby and mama, happy first birthday. This one's for you both.

Girl kissing mom first birthday tutu 



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