Be a Good Neighbour

We're in this pandemic together. With your help, we've donated 600+ masks and 250 meals so far. Thank you for your support.

With so much uncertainty in the world right now, the best thing we can do (besides properly wash our hands and practice social distancing, of course) is to extend love, grace, and kindness to everyone. Here are some ways we can help each other:

  • Keep in touch with your friends. Social distancing does not mean isolation. Stay in touch, understand each other's needs, and provide for each other.
  • Adjust your mindset. There are ways to spend time with your loved ones and at home without feeling confined or deprived. You're not missing out on what's outside, you've been missing out on what's inside and now's your time to catch up.
  • Be still and spend time with your thoughts. If you're able to do this, learn more about yourself, and ask some important questions you haven't been addressing - that is a blessing.
  • Donate non-perishable food items and necessities to your local food bank. (Necessities like toilet paper and feminine products are always in high demand!)
  • Reach out to your local church and find out about seniors in need. Help pick up and drop off necessities and meals.
  • Pick up a book. Reading is good exercise for the mind.
  • Go outside, take deep breaths of fresh air.
  • Go for a bike ride in a Bluish tutu (I wore the flamingo). It brought a smile to some people's faces, which was a pleasant surprise. Then go home and wash your hands :) - Erin

If you have other great ideas to add to our list, please send us a note below. We'll keep this list fresh! Those italicized were suggested by you. Keep them coming!

*We would appreciate it if you could leave us your name and e-mail. But there is no need for your contact information if you'd just like to contribute your awesome idea.


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