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    Why us? Classic comfort Canadian



About us BLUISH tulle skirt tutu"Hello, my name is Sarah"



We are proudly Canadian - designing and customizing tutus for our wonderful clients, selling online, and bringing our love for tulle to local pop-up shops and events. You've seen us on CityTV Breakfast Television, FASHIONCAN, and at Pottery Barn Kids. 





It all started with giving birth to our beautiful baby girl. She was born almost 7 pounds and oh so cute. I wanted to dress us up and enjoy every drop of being a new mom. But have you heard of the baby blues? The pains of breastfeeding, loose joints, stitches, and a body that didn't feel like mine - they all got to me.


So all the more I wanted to dress up with my mini me and bring some cheer. Our tutus had to be comfortable, easy to wear, and very well made -- but I didn't find what I was looking for. That was when I got down to work and started BLUISH. And that was when I kind of got out of the blues and became blu-ish.